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Not Just Another Digital Agency


Our Values

  • We don't think of our customers as numbers. Our close-knit crew will collaborate with you on your project and beyond.


  • We don't believe in mediocrity. Rest assured that we'll strive relentlessly to exceed your expectations and handle any difficulties as promptly as possible.



  • Because of our well-defined processes, we have a 95% on-time delivery rate. Say your goodbyes to missed deadlines.

Our Purpose

We're keen to work with businesses to develop market-leading digital solutions that provide superior insights and maximise growth potential, all backed by proprietary technology and industry-leading tools.

We're on a quest to use business as a force for good, realising that we're part of something much bigger. We're also dedicated to making a positive difference for our workers, the environment, and our communities.

We are continually on the lookout for new opportunities. We're putting the market to the test, generating innovation and boosting corporate performance.

We all know that digital is the way of the future. We intend to remain in the lead.


Our Story

With Socio Sketch, we wanted to focus on the social impact & salience of a brand. And hence the name. An alternate legend tells that we already had clients on board before the company was even incepted, and it was a mad rush to have a legal entity that could raise invoices. That is not our official line and should be ignored for all purposes.

When we started Socio Sketch in 2018, the question that we faced wasn’t ‘Why?’, it was ‘Why Not?’ As the previous statement suggests, this was a well-thought-out decision that had almost nothing to do with alcohol.

Having pursued individual careers for over a decade in various fields of marketing (traditional, buying & planning, advertising, digital, social, events etc.), we decided that it was time to ply our trade without the filter of management layers on both the agency and client-side. A risk that seems to be paying off.


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